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About Us

Let's Share is a non profit community under Soedarjo Foundation that focuses on providing education and free health checks, health education, free surgery and medicine donated to children who are less fortunate and needy families across the Indonesian archipelago.

We all know Education is the Foundation to building a better Future, and what goes hand in hand with that is proper Healthcare. Here at Let’s Share we aim to provide these services to underprivileged kids around Indonesia. Making their Minds Brighter, their Bodies Healthy and Stronger, and building their confidence to succeed in life.

We are a team of young people with the desire to do what we can to help make a difference.

We believe that anyone can help, no matter how small you may feel your contribution is, it will always make a difference and mean the world to someone less fortunate than you.

Let’s Share is Founded and run by 3 young people, Christabella, Karenina Sunny, and Dita Soerdarjo, with the desire to do what we can to help make a difference.

Lets Share is focusing on providing Education and free Medical Care, checkups and donating Medicine to underprivileged children and Families in need throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.

Another exciting project we are proud to announce is providing surgery for children born with cleft lips or cleft palate.

In this current project we are partnering with experienced doctors and surgeons at Bina Estetika in Menteng.

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